Always ready to Pamper you

You deserve the best. Let us do all the work!!

In Casa Gran Dia we attempt to accommodate our services to your needs, this is why we don’t include any staff services in our rental. We prefer to offer you accessible rates and leave you the option of choosing what service will be best for your needs.

Upon your arrival our service manager will be at the villa to greet you, he will give you the house keys, and show you around to give you instructions. He will also help you in anything you will require, from making a reservation, to programming activities, soliciting transport services, etc.

We can also arrange for staff services during your stay, from maids, cooks, waiters, nannies, to coordinating a large event.

If you wish to enjoy your vacations at its fullest, this is what we recommend:

.- Maid, everyday to clean up the house and bedrooms and leave everything fresh and clean.
.- One cook, to prepare all your meals, exquisitely, and pamper you with every crave you or your guests may have.
.- One cook´s helper, to clean up the kitchen, help out the cook in preparation and at serving times, preparing fresh made juices in the mornings and be at your service at any time.
.-A waiter, to set up and off the table before and after each meal, as well as to serve you drinks in between meals, verifying stocks in kitchen and bars and making purchase lists.

You will also receive our pre-stocking and purchase service for free, if you choose at least the cook in your services.
All of these services are very accessible and affordable. But it is up to you which services you wish to have. Our staff can work from 1 to 8 hours, or up to 12 hours per day.

We also have nannie services for the little ones, they are very honest people and they can gladly help out. Either during the day, so you can relax while they play with your children, or at night if you wish to go out to town.
Should you require any service not listed in this page, please let us know and we will find it for you.

We are here to make every single day better than the day before!!