A little bit about us

We are not always on the beach... honest.

GRAN DIA means GREAT DAY in spanish, and thats exactly what we offer you during your stay, a great day everyday!!

We’ve been operating since 2005, when people were looking for new and different getaway options for their vacations. Hotels are fine, when you travel with 2 or 3 companions, but when you are a large group wanting to spend a few days together, this option becomes obsolete, not to mention uncomfortable. Having everyone gathered in one place, without strangers all around, is priceless.

We also believe everyone should be able to have the luxury and comfort they deserve without spending so much in the process. Hotels are expensive and you always have to plan your budget including restaurants, or pay for all inclusive resorts and hope the meals are at least eatable.

When renting CASA GRAN DIA you have the option of adding the services you need, this is why our prices are fairly low, so you can add only the services you require. We have wonderful chefs that can make all your favorite meals, and you only have to pay for the groceries, nothing extra. Or you can choose not to have any help and cook yourselves.

We believe people should be able to choose what type of vacation they want to have, how much they want to spend and what they want to spend it on, and in Casa Gran Dia that’s exactly what you can do.

A concierge will always be here to greet you, show you around the villa and to assist you in any request you have. He can coordinate activities, restaurant reservations, transportation and anything else you might need.

We can offer you staff services (maids, cooks, waiters), pre-stock your villa and organize any type of event you request. Just let us know what you need and we will make it happen.

So try a different type of vacation this year, pamper yourself and your companions with the best getaway ever! Casa Gran Dia is ready to welcome you and make your stay unforgettable!